During the pandemic, the importance of eating healthy to sustain health and life has become evident, today many more people are aware of this, as well as the origin of their food and the care of the environment where they are grown and produced in conditions that offer healthy food, free of chemicals, without contaminating water, flora, fauna and taking care of everyone’s health. At Wiraccocha del Peru, we are aware of the vital importance of our role in the current context, for that reason for more than 12 years we have been offering organic and healthy food to the whole world.

We care about the care of our organic production, for this reason we currently have more than 3,000 organically certified hectares, which provide the world with quinoa, a food native to the Andes of Peru, its habitual consumption enhances the defenses of the human body against coronavirus and other infections caused by a drop in temperature. Due to its fiber content, greater than 6% of the grain weight, it favors intestinal transit, stimulating the development of beneficial bacteria that provide the necessary contribution to strengthen the immune system.

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