EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN – Wiraccocha del Perú


Food security goes far beyond having enough food, it refers to “the situation that exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food to satisfy their nutritional needs, to develop a life active and healthy ”(FAO, 2006).

But there is something else that influences food security and we rarely take it into account: the empowerment of women in the agricultural sector. They play a key role in food systems: from their participation in the agricultural workforce, to decisions on how to distribute income and ensure good nutrition for household members.

🌱Wiraccocha del Peru, works hand in hand with thousands of women from the rural sector, who have assumed various activities within the organic quinoa cultivation process, participating in field production, technical advice given by our agro-commercial managers and forums with specialists of the agricultural sector, which has allowed them to acquire new knowledge and qualify existing ones around issues related to organic production, the agro-industrial process and organizational practices, at the same time, play a fundamental role in the contribution of economic income to their homes , guaranteeing the necessary food to provide a healthy life to the members that make up your family.

These activities have generated spaces where rural women not only carry out reproductive and productive activities, but are also part of an association in which they make decisions aimed at their personal, family and community development. In this way we recognize, not only the importance of female labor in agricultural activities, but also of the human and social component that exists in each of the women belonging to our organic program, who are working to open spaces for decision-making that helps in the local construction of a more just and egalitarian social fabric. ❤️

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